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What is AffiTrum


Affitrum is a revolutionary digital advertising project that leverages Web3 technologies to address the existing challenges in the advertising industry.The project aims to eliminate fraud, enhance user privacy, and provide fair compensation to all stakeholders involved. Join us in this groundbreaking journey as we reshape the future of digital advertising.

  • Enabling marketers and publishers to build a stable environment.
  • Shaping the future of AdTech via our TRUM blockchain and services.
  • Utilizing AI, smart contracts, and decentralized Ad networks.
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imageTwo Bridged Tokens

Two new native utility tokens are going to be introduced by Affitrum. To make it easier for users to conduct transactions within the ecosystem, the $AFFI token and the $TRUM token would both be deployed on the Arbitrum network.

  • Affi Token

    AFFI tokens are created for exposure and to raise awareness about the AFFITRUM project and the upcoming TRUM ecosystem.

  • Trum Token

    $TRUM tokens on Arbitrum Chain will drive the TRUM ecosystem and support the $TRUM blockchain development and Ad exchange.

Our Blockchain Usecases

Bridging Advertising with AI and Web3 Products


TRUM Blockchain

The blockchain Powering the advertising ecosystem.


Ad exchange

AI Utility app connecting publishers and advertisers.



Metaverse Arena for placing and viewing Ads

Token holders in the Affitrum DAO project will have a voice in governance decisions. Its goal is to control where the product goes and how it evolves.

AffiTrum Roadmap

Our Tracked Roadmap.

April - June 2023

Conceptualization and Research

At this point in the process, the core team will have their first meeting at which they will discuss the affitrum project and begin developing their strategy.

  1. Creation of AFFI-TRUM Idea ✅
  2. Documentation Draft v1 ✅
  3. Team (Astronauts) Formation ✅
  4. Contract Code Developement ✅
  5. Website UI Developement ✅
  6. Initial Marketing Campaign ✅
July - September 2023

Project Launch and Presale

The AFFITRUM project begins development, the project is launched, the $AFFI token is launched, and the $TRUM presale begins.

  1. Web & Contract Deployment ✅
  2. AFFI Private Sale & DEX Listing ✅
  3. $AFFI Airdrop Launch ✅
  4. Solidproof Audit and KYC ✅
  5. $TRUM Presale & BridgeFarm Launch ✅
  6. $AFFI CMC Listing
October - December 2023

$TRUM Listings and Blockchain Developement

The conclusion of the TRUM token presale, listings on CEX, development of the Revenue App and Blockchain, and an upgrade to BridgeFarm

  1. $TRUM presale End Claim
  2. $TRUM Camelot & CEX Listing
  3. $TRUM Bridge-Farm Upgrade
  4. Revenue App v1 Developement
  5. $TRUM Blockchain v1 Developement
  6. UI Platform Upgrades
January - March 2024

Major CEX Listings and Partnerships

The community will choose three major Centralized exchanges to list the $AFFI and $TRUM tokens, and the AFFITRUM revenue app, blockchain, and DEX will be launched.

  1. 4 CEX Listing for $AFFI & $TRUM
  2. Partnership Expansion
  3. Wallet Compatibility Expansion
  4. Launch of Revenue App
  5. Launch of ECOSYSTEM Blockchain
  6. Affitrum-Dex 1.0 Developement
April - June 2024

Liquidity Extention and extensive Marketing

We will launch Affitrum-Dex 1.0 on our blockchain, as well as add Cross-Chain Compatibility to the $AFFI and $TRUM tokens, followed by the launch of an aggressive global marketing campaign.

  1. Own Liquidity Partnering
  2. Cross-Chain Compatibility
  3. Aggresive Global Marketing
  4. Security Audit Upgrades
  5. Affitrum-Dex 1.0 Launch
  6. Open source project area Launch.
July - September 2024

Community Building and Continuous Development

We will develop and launch our AFFITRUM META-SPHERE and AFFITRUM DAO, conduct additional marketing, and then initiate a new road map for 2023-2024.

  1. METASPHERE v1 Developement
  2. DAO Developement
  3. Renewed Marketing Campaign
  4. METASPHERE v1 Launch
  5. DAO Launch
  6. New Roadmap Launch..